"Dreaming my World into Being: I am Worthy of my Dreams" 

With Shakerriah Morgan

Wednesday Evening, September 13, 2023
7:00pm to 9:00pm
$20 per person
Cash or check or online payment at the door

The Buzz Ware Village Center
2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

We will be releasing the old narratives that say we are not worthy and reconnecting to the frequency that we are all powerful co-creators; even when obstacles/experiences in life can cause us to forget the Divine-given power we all possess.

Through the workshop we will explore how to tap into our manifestation power to bring to life our dreams, while leaving space for spirit to move as well. We'll be discussing what to do when tests surface within our lives and how to integrate the lessons.

I will be teaching how to apply various tools/techniques to bring your dreams into reality(breathwork, journaling, meditation, and scripting, etc). We will be doing some deep journey work to find the moment where you stop believing your dreams were possible as well as a healing meditation to aid in releasing that which no longer serves your greatest and highest good.

Remember, "That Dream the Divine has placed in your heart and mind IS YOURS, and placed inside of you is what it takes to bring it to life."