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Awakened Heart is a flourishing Center for Spiritual Living teaching chapter, here to assist you in learning and practicing the life empowering teachings, tools, and philosophy of Science of Mind, a New Thought ~ Ancient/Ageless Wisdom. 

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Foundations of the
Science of Mind

Instructor: Mary Wimberley, RScP

10 Wednesdays | 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

September 11 - November 13, 2024

In Person at the Buzz Ware Village Center in Arden

Cost: $250 per person

This is a sacred discount the Ecclesiastical Team and CORE Council voted on to empower members of our commUnity to more consciously create Greater Good in their everyday lives by taking this fundamental prerequisite for most other classes. The usual price would be $320. Please note: this is the only class we're discounting.

Foundations of The Science of Mind delves into the fundamental principles of spiritual understanding and personal growth. Through the exploration of concepts such as God, the Creative Process, Grace, Wholeness, Attraction, Abundance, Living in the Flow, Oneness, Immortality, and Joy, students will develop a deeper connection to their inner selves and the divine.

Engaging in practices like journaling, listening, affirmations, meditation, visioning, moving from fear to faith, gratitude, forgiveness, Christ consciousness, and celebration, participants will cultivate self-awareness, empower their thoughts and beliefs, and create space for greater awareness and expansion. This course invites individuals to embrace their authentic selves and actively engage spiritual principles in their everyday lives.

Textbook: Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
ISBN: 978-0874779219
There are multiple editions of Science of Mind
. It is recommended that students purchase the edition by Tarcher-Putnam. Other editions may have different content and/or page numbering.

When you register, be sure to include the CLASS NAME ("Foundations") in the Notes section.

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Previous Class Offerings

In the Last Year

Claim Your Life
Claim Your Abundance

Instructor: Ty Bernhard

Required reading: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Revised for the 21st Century. ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1585424331

Ty Bernhard has created a class custom fit for the Awakened Heart commUnity for the purpose of uplifting our relationship with prosperity. Through experiential exercises, discussion, meditation, affirmations and reading, Ty will reveal life-changing principles, actions and attitudes that attract a flowing lifestyle. Class members will shift personal beliefs and habits into identifiable practices that will attract true prosperity. By sharing these insights and principles, Ty envisions class members embracing their personal Abundance!

The Essential Ernest Holmes

Instructors: Mike Berheide, RScP
& Valarie Tickle, RScP

The Essential Ernest Holmes is a comprehensive course that explores the profound writings of Ernest Holmes, providing a deep exploration of his transformative teachings. From his introspective and devotional writings to his impassioned teachings to future leaders, this course uncovers the essence of Holmes’ wisdom. By recognizing his love for humanity and his ability to perceive beyond surface-level problems, participants will discover the timeless relevance of his teachings which foreshadowed modern psychology. Holmes emphasized the boundless power of human choice in shaping thoughts and emotions, connecting the human condition to our infinite potential.

This course serves as an illuminating exploration of Ernest Holmes’ writings, enabling participants to delve into the depths of his teachings and gain invaluable insights into the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

**Foundations of Science of Mind is a suggested pre-requisite for this class, but is not required.


The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

The Essential Ernest Holmes by Rev. Jesse Jennings ISBN#:1-158542-181-2

Revealing Wholeness

Instructor: Gretchen Kennedy, RScP

The "Revealing Wholeness" course expands on your current knowledge of Science of Mind principles and practices through study of the interrelationship between Spirit, Mind, and Body. This discovery is based on the principles of Science of Mind as well as current research in the scientific fields of medicine and quantum physics. You will employ spiritual practices to apply greater well-being in your own daily life.

Within 7 weeks, transform your body, mind, and spirit as you:
• Apply the Principle of Oneness to Wholeness, health and well-being
• Differentiate between conscious mind and subconscious mind and the role they play in demonstrating well-being
• Identify personal beliefs about your body and how these beliefs relate to health and wholeness
• Compare Science of Mind teaching of the Creative Process to the “observer effect” in quantum physics
• Identify the role of the Placebo Effect and the Nocebo Effect in creating optimum health and well-being
• Explore the ideas of self-love and nurturing care in relationship to well-being

Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life

Instructor: Mary Wimberley, RScP

This course is designed to uncover beliefs, thoughts and behaviors around relationships, money, and health. Using powerful tools, practices, and narrative you will discover how to improve, grow, and enhance your daily life. Through this highly experiential course, you will begin to see results and changes in your life immediately. This course serves as a Core Foundational Class and it has no prerequisite. But it can serve as a prerequisite to other CSL Certified courses. This course fulfills the first requirement of becoming a practitioner!

Radical Acceptance Book Study 

Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach, Ph.D

Instructor: John Rossi, RScP

Radical Acceptance is a Buddha meets Science of Mind (SOM) kind of scenario. It's about how to practice SOM from the heart and with our full humanity.

John will introduce the book and it's concepts on the first class in-person at the Buzz Ware Village Center. All subsequent classes will be online via Zoom.

Through meditation, review, and discussion students will explore how the concepts in Tara Brach's "Radical Acceptance" feel to them, and how apply them to their daily lives.

As John says about his offering, "We will dig deep with compassion, as we look to lighten up and live more from our hearts, and I'm sure there will be laughter and fun along the way!"

This is a book study; there are no prerequisites.

The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship Book Study

Instructor: Mary Wimberley, RScP

In The Mastery of Love, author don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring his message to life, Ruiz shows us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are our birthright, and restore the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships.

CSL Practitioner Training

This chart shows the Centers for Spiritual Living classes we offer in person in Arden, taught by our licensed Practitioners. Some classes are offered online by CSL. Our certificated classes serve everyone with signigicant spiritual development, personal growth, deeper compassion, and true connection with the commUnity. They are also a pathway toward becoming a certified CSL Practitioner.

If you would like to explore CSL Practitioner training, or if you have questions about our course schedule, please contact us. 

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