Community Visioning

Members of the Awakened Heart Visioning Core meet bi-monthly to catch Spirit's highest vision of Itself as our community.  Utilizing the Life Visioning Process developed by Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, we allow ourselves to be inspired and guided by the results of our visioning sessions, and then to act to implement whatever we can and allow the rest to unfold as It will. 

If you would like more information about our Visioning process, please contact Mary Wimberley at (302) 409-2961 or [email protected]

November 2023 Visioning Results

The overall sensation was of a warm, cozy, trusting and relaxed community pictured as golden yellow Light. One big theme was related to our knowing that we are being held and cared for in the arms of Spirit especially as we each know the truth that our prosperity is overflowing. (A spectacular synchronicity was that two of us actually saw big arms holding us securely.)

We were also reminded of the law of giving and receiving and how they are part of the same coin. Related to this was the idea of really teaching the Law of Circulation and Prosperity with an emphasis on how giving is the first step in the cycle.

The third solid theme was to stay in the flow riding out the ups and downs while knowing that all is well. Another interesting thing, which came up regarding charity was that it begins at home. It reminded us that we want to give from a full heart- with our own cups running over.

Wonderful, new, innovative ideas popped up regarding Outreach. One was to join with an interfaith community as well as connecting with a particular charity or group through which we could share our service. In particular, taking meditation to the greater community was mentioned several times. In fact, Mike got the sound bite, “Mobile Meditation.”

Key words: Balance, Connection, Creative ideas, Fresh, New, Collaboration, Teaching, Listening, Sharing, Receiving, Sweetness, Kindness, Openness, Honesty, Love, Compassion, Circles, Trusting, Relaxing, Allowing, Supporting, Continuing, Energy, Peacefulness, Open hearts, Wisdom, Guidance.