Group Meditation
Wednesday Evenings- 6:00PM to 6:30pm
The Buzz Ware Village Center
2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

Next Meditation:
Wednesday evening, November 17, 2021

This evening we feature recordings of the sage wisdom of internationally known teacher and philosopher Maharaji Prem Rawat. Mr. Rawat's organization sponsors the Peace Education Program, which Awakened Heart is preparing to present early next year. Prem is solidly aligned with New Thought - Ancient Wisdom teaching as you will hear this evening. After the message relax and deepen to the sound of beautiful meditation music.

A love offering is appreciated! Hope to see you this evening!

About Our Meditation Group
Each Wednesday  evening Awakened Heart offers a group meditation to provide a mid-week space for spiritual practice, centering and connection with Spirit and each other.

The meditation will vary from week-to-week, led by a variety of people featuring a rich diversity of meditation methods and perspectives. The guided meditations have varying themes and techniques, ancient and modern. This group is for those who want to experience group meditation to bring peace, power and poise into one's everyday life.

This Group Meditation is also a MeetUp group. You are welcome to join the MeetUp group to connect and communicate with others engaged in developing their meditation practice.