Awakened Heart Is A Tithing Community

Awakened Heart tithes to it's spiritual benefactors, which means that each month we share a meaningful percentage of our gross income with others who have been our spiritual source.  



In order to grow, we must be willing to receive; otherwise, we invite lack into our experience. Interestingly, when we refuse a gift, we temporarily block the Law of Circulation for ourselves and the other person. The Law never stops working, of course, but we can easily redirect the flow of our Good to go elsewhere.


In order to grow, we must also be willing to give a meaningful portion of what we have away; otherwise, with only an inflow of Good, we invite stagnation into our experience. Giving creates the space for more and greater Good. Knowing that the Universe always conspires for our Good and Its own expansion, we know It rushes in to fill this space tenfold with new manifestations of even greater Abundance.

Therefore, we keep money (and an abundance of all of God’s Good) flowing to us by being a gracious giver and a grateful receiver.


Tithing is the sacred practice of routinely giving money to those sources who feed our spiritual growth in order to continue that nurturance of our lives. We have many such sources to whom we are immensely grateful who feed our awareness of the Divine and progress our personal growth in a myriad of ways.

Below is a list of those to whom we have gratefully given 5 - 10% of our gross income from Sunday Services. Each month the CORE Council votes on potential recipients.  Please note that some months we split our tithe in order to accommodate two highly worthwhile suggestions.