Awakened Heart Ministries

One Small Action Can
Change Everything For
The Better

Awakened Heart Spiritual Center is supported by a creative collaboration of community members who keep the vision moving forward and the activities of the center flowing. By getting involved you have an opportunity to share your unique gifts, connect with like-minded people, grow and learn, and give and receive support in a sacred, safe environment. We know that an essential part of the journey is to be in loving service. We are deeply grateful for each and every person who support us by being in service.

We invite you to peruse the opportunities to serve Awakened Heart outlined below. If you would like become involved contact the Awakened Heart Office at 302-525-0021 for more information.  Or, to see the good company you'll be keeping, click here to check out who is already serving on each team.

Practitioner Prayer Ministry

Open Arms


The Book Shop

Sacred Space

The Healing Connection

The Kidz Program

Sound Team

Heart to Heart

Community Outreach


CORE Teams:

C.O.R.E. Council




Operations Core

Nominating Committee


Our Ministry of Prayer is staffed by Licensed Professional Religious Science Practitioners (RScP) who are available after Sunday services for short, free prayer treatments.  They are also available by for full sessions in person or by phone. Please discuss the fee for a full Practitioner session with each Practitioner.

To peruse examples of Affirmative Prayers and find the perfect one for you, please go here.


Greeters – Our greeters are the warm and welcoming face of Awakened Heart. Greeting all with enthusiasm and love, every guest that enters into our Sunday sacred space is welcomed with joy. They maintain the Awakened Heart Activity (AHA!) table, which displays upcoming event fliers.

Team Lead: Dave Jones


This ministry promotes friendship, lively conversation and spiritual nourishment of the entire congregation through refreshments, creating a friendly atmosphere after the Sunday services and potluck Sundays (held several times a year). Each week congregants bring food to share, as they feel inspired to do so.

Team Lead: Carole Capriotti-May


The Awakened Heart bookshop supports the mission and vision of our center through lov­ing, supportive service to our community. By providing the materials to help each individual along his/her path of personal growth and transformation, we support the practical application of the teachings of Science of Mind. Each week a diverse collection of titles is presented to provide something for all community members.

Team Lead: Tony Codella


The Healing Connection is in service to the AHSC Community by offering their gifts and their talents on the second Sunday of the month.  The vision of the Healing Connection is to develop a community of holistic care professionals and healers of diverse modalities, whose practices are based on Principles of Truth. The Healing Connection is dedicated to promoting wellness and wholeness through spiritual application, education, and service. 

Team Lead: Jean Weaver


AHSC Kidz programs run concurrently with our Sunday services (10:30 to 11:30am). 

The Youth Ministry of Awakened Heart Spiritual Center provides an environment that promotes our young people's spiritual growth, physical and emotional health, and positive self-esteem based on the practical application of New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings and Science of Mind Principles.  We teach self-love, self-awareness, Oneness with all Life, and how our thoughts and choices impact our experiences.

The curriculum for our youth program is innovative and transformational rather than instructional. Lessons are interesting, age-appropriate, and creative. Each week, your child will have an opportunity to explore deep questions and learn principles that they can take with them to improve their daily lives.

Regardless of age, each child meditates for a few minutes, ponders thought-provoking questions, has an activity, craft, or experiential exercise to help drive home the message, and they all have a lot of fun!

Youth Program Staff:  Barbara McKee


The sound team is responsible for managing the sound equipment for the Sunday services, for special events and Workshops for Well Being. Team members work with musicians and speakers to provide quality audio presentations for Sunday services. Training is provided by current members; it's a great way to learn about sound boards, mixers, mics and speakers!

Team Lead: Chip Nagle


One of our core values is Love and it calls upon us to be there for each other when times are difficult. We send cards of love and support when our members and friends are facing challenges.

Team Lead: Jean Griner


There is a deep need for people to make a contribution and to serve something greater than themselves. The balance of a life of prayer and meditation that inspires spiritually motivated action is a path to spiritual awakening that maximizes authentic spiritual growth. When we combine the profound universal principles that the Science of Mind teaches with an understanding of our personal purpose, passions and spiritual gifts, we lay the foundation for strong communities.

AHSC is currently involved in community outreach as a way of extending ourselves in love and service to people who are homeless, in transition, in prison, and other social services. Be that loving presence that heals, uplifts, and encourages by volunteering for any of the programs.

Team Lead: Contact: Jane Bouza – 302-234-0516

Epiphany House Dinner Ministry
The third Tuesday of each month, a team of 2 or 3 Awakened Heart members bring a fully prepared supper for approximately 10 people. The team decides on the menu and splits up the components, such as salad, protein, dessert etc., and provides these items at their personal expense. 

We deliver a meal ready to be put on the table. We share the dining time with the residents and staff. The intent is to be supportive and encouraging of the women in the program and their progress toward independent living.  Simply stated a  clear demonstration of "We Care." The residents will  have set the table with plates, utensils and glassware. The residents clear and clean up. It is helpful to bring our food in disposable containers. Approximately 1 hour is shared at this table of hope and renewal. It is a uniquely joyous dining experience.
Epiphany House
722 N. Union (close to 8th St and Union) Wilmington, Delaware 19805 


A nominating team serves the community on an ongoing basis. The role of this team is to seek out the most highly qualified nominees to fill each available position within the Organizational Design Model of the community. This team brings great prayer, visioning and scrutiny to its deliberations, thus providing the community with nominees, or slates of nominees, most gifted and prepared for their proposed service The composition of  this team is made up of a representative from the visioning core appointed by the community Spiritual Leader and two lay community members elected at the annual meeting who have demonstrated significant involvement in Awakened Heart Spiritual Center or the community at large.

Team Point Person: Andy West RScP

Awakened Heart Spiritual Center Cores


The C.O.R.E. Council (from an acronym meaning Consciousness of Reality Evolving) serves a function similar, yet not identical, to a corporate board of trustees. It is the final decision making body for the Community. Its most important role is to take the input flowing from the Visioning, Stewardship and other teams and synthesize them into a clear direction and operational plan for the Community. The Council deals with issues of timing, application of resources, as well as with the overall health of the Community. The President of the Council and its other officers are selected from CORE Council. The Community Spiritual Leader is a voting member of the C.O.R.E. Council. The CORE Council meets on the third Sunday of each month to facilitate the business of the Community. Members and friends are welcome to attend the meetings.

President: Michael Berheide RScP
Vice President: Valarie Tickle RScP


The Visioning Core meets monthly and visions for the AHSC community as a whole and receives visioning and co-creation input from teams throughout the Community and melds this into a unified direction, a core vision, which constitutes our evolving pathway. The visioning core recommends the most timely and spiritually indicated next steps for our Spiritual Community.

Team Lead: Gretchen Kennedy


The Stewardship Core is charged with fiscal oversight and cultivation, along with basic legal and corporate oversight. It is the arena responsible for the development of budgets, both current and futuristic, as well as for financial reporting and tracking. We are a community that is abundant and dedicated to financial integrity.

Team Lead: Valarie Tickle RScP


The Operations Core is responsible for creating the non-ecclesiastical events at Awakened Heart. This Core solicits and reviews ideas for our Workshops for Well Beingand other programs and events at AHSC. The team also oversees publications such as the weekly newsletter, calendar of events, PR, and marketing.

Team Lead: Jean Weaver


The Ecclesiastical Team is comprised of ten licensed and certified Practitioners who are educated in the Science of Mind philosophy. All practitioners take a leadership role in our Center. These keepers of the community’s “High Watch” provide spiritual support and direct teachings. All Practitioners help create Sunday services and serve as the Practitioner on duty on rotating Sundays. They also do daily affirmative prayer for the community and its congregants, perform service in areas of their choice, teach classes and/or facilitate workshops/seminars.

Team Lead: Jerry Hodge RScP