Sunday Celebration Services

About The Emerging Health Concerns Around The COVID-19 Virus
Dear Awakened Heart Members, Attendees and Guests,

With the emerging health concerns and social measures being instituted around the COVID-19 virus, we recognize that many organizations, businesses and individuals are, and will be, significantly impacted and that rapid decisions and changes need to be made in order to continue functioning and living in a safe and healthy manner. 

With the State Of Delaware recently declaring a state of emergency which now includes a "stay-at-home" social distancing measure, as of today, March 24th, Awakened Heart will be canceling all in-person Sunday services, classes, workshops, Drumming and Meditation MeetUp groups and other events to meet the demands of the unfolding crisis. We will need to do so until there is an improvement, resolution or other change in the current state of affairs.  

Virtual Alternatives
Online and digital alternatives are currently being explored as a way of keeping our community in touch and engaged "virtually" until such time as we may meet in person again. Recorded presentations from a wide array of New Thought practitioners and adepts in different spiritual traditions are available on our website Recorded Talks page for your edification and upliftment. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource for your mental and spiritual well-being.

Prayer Requests and Treatments
Our Religious Science Practitioners are committed to supporting you in this time of social and personal change through their ministry of prayer by treating for and knowing the highest good and blessing in your life.  Our licensed Practitioners are standing by to take your prayer requests which you can submit through our website Our Licensed Practitioners page or our Contact Us page via phone or email. 

Website & Newsletter
You can keep informed with recent developments at Awakened Heart by visiting our website Home Page or by signing up for our weekly digital AHSC Newsletter - an excellent way to get the latest updates.

Tithes and Donations
We invite you to please consider making your regular tithe to Awakened Heart, so that we may all continue in the flow of prosperity and abundance. Your support in this way is greatly appreciated, especially now! You can make your donation by clicking on the "Donate" button on our website Donate Page

Moving Forward
As always, Awakened Heart remains committed to teaching and living the Science of Mind principles in all circumstances and we seek to creatively do so as we move forward. We welcome your participation in the journey! We will post updates with any changes to our service meeting schedule and format here, in this newsletter, and on our website and Facebook page.

Contact Information
To reach Awakened Heart with prayer requests, information regarding our service schedule and format please visit our website at


Our Sunday Celebration services are creatively diverse, musically jubilant, and wholly spirit-filled! In addition to motivational services led by our licensed Practitioners, we also draw from a pool of local talent as well as internationally renowned guest speakers.

It is our intention that everyone who is touched by the vibration of Awakened Heart is inspired to cultivate an ever-expanding heart of love, practice compassion and loving kindness.  

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Upcoming Sunday Celebration Services!

Join us and be inspired!

10:00 AM – 10:15 AM – Centering Meditation lead by the Practitioner on duty
10:30 AM – Celebration Service, followed by fellowship and refreshments
10:30 AM – Children/Youth Services 1st & 3rd Sundays

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Our Ecclesiastical leadership consists of a core of 9 Licensed Religious Science Practitioners.  All of our practitioners conduct Sunday Celebration Services. We also invite guest speakers in once a month to provide the weekly message, and we offer a myriad of guest musicians to deepen our understanding of the message... and sometimes just to rock the house!

Join us and be inspired!