Events To Enrich Our Community...And Our Lives

An integral part of what makes the Awakened Heart community so magnificent is the myriad of diverse opportunities we offer for spiritual deepening and personal growth with like-minded people!  

All events are held at the BuzzWare Village Center unless otherwise noted.

Virtual Workshop With Janet Steinwedel


Appreciation and Gratitude Mastery Workshop (Joyshop)

With Nina Sharek, CRT, CHES, CAPP

Wednesday Evening, June 24th - 7:00PM to 9:00PM
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Cost: $30 (Scroll down to register and make payment online)

Gratitude and appreciation are powerful emotions linked to happiness, connection, and well-being. Gratitude creates upward vibrational and emotional spirals. It is a gateway to spiritual experiences of flow, love, and transcendence. Feed hope and generate joy as you deepen your practice of gratitude in this workshop!

Ancient philosophy, spiritual wisdom, and modern science have been telling us for ages that appreciation is the key for a life full of satisfaction, well-being, and joy. Psychology teaches us that of all emotions, gratitude is the most powerful conduit to increasing connection and love for self and others.

The Appreciation and Gratitude Mastery Workshop will deepen your understanding of the art of appreciation and give you new skills for enhancing your gratitude practice. We will delve into the science and history of gratitude from the perspective of philosophy, psychology, and physiology.

You will learn:

  • about the science of telomeres and how the practice of Awakening in Appreciation measurably improves both your life span and the fortitude of your health. 
  • how appreciation is a powerful tool for managing overwhelm, frustration, and the discomfort of uncertainty so that we can function at our best under stress. 
  • why gratitude is essential for achieving post traumatic growth.
  • multiple law of attraction processes and positive psychology interventions that you can build into your lifelong gratitude practice to amplify contentment, meaning, purpose, and joy. 

This will be a very fun and interactive program!  Armed with new skills you will see why Appreciation Changes Everything!

Nina speaks about Resilience Mastery topics and Law of Attraction principles for conferences and groups across the US. Nina brings powerful intuitive skills to her practice and infuses coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and workshops with positive high energy, deep gratitude, and a sense of creative adventure. Her life's motto is Appreciation Changes Everything. Nina is a certified corporate Resilience Mastery trainer (CRT), worksite wellness leader, licensed behavior change educator (CHES), and certified applied positive psychology practitioner (CAPP).

To learn more about Nina and her work,
see her Resilience Mastery website 
or follow her on InstaGram at ResilienceMastery

Appreciation & Gratitude Mastery Workshop

$ 30.00 USD

Wednesday Evening Group Meditation

Postponed Until Further Notice Due To Current Health Directives
6:00PM to 6:45PM - The Buzz Ware Village Center - Room 4
2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

Each Wednesday evening, come clear your mind and renew your awareness of your unwavering connection with the Divine as you bathe in the depths of nothingness. Each week a different licensed practitioner or Awakened Heart member will take us for a gentle journey into the sacred silence.

These evenings are free and open to beginners as well as those with a daily practice.

Rhythm of the Spirit Drum Circle

Postponed Until Further Notice Due To Current Health Directives
Yoga U Studio
2900 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803
Love Offering Appreciated
Join us for another round of drumming and co-creation of the rhythms of the Spirit in our monthly Drum Circle. Loosely structured around three drumming sets, free-form drumbeats coalesce into a unified whole which flow, evolve and re-form into a myriad of unique and varied rhythmic expressions. Participate fully or relax and allow the rhythms to move through you for a deep meditative experience. Join us, regardless of drumming experience. Bring a chair or blanket, a drum or other musical instrument. Share in a collective rhythm which joins past, present and future, and connects body, mind and spirit; one drum circle at a time. Hosted by Stephen Johnson. Love offering is appreciated.